“At the Edge of the Wood”

Our last resident artists Sarah Lillegard and Ben Tempchin, created a soundscape installation which was surreal, mesmerizing and sometimes challenging to a lot of viewers.
Using tiny pieces of fabric painstakingly rolled into small cones, stitched together containing cotton balls and thread, Lillegard suspended these tiny fragile packages from the ceiling of their collaborative space. Appearing back lit by natural light from the window facing the Virginia City cemetery, the small cones, reminiscent of textile ice-creams or flowers with their wrappings of paper, twirled and swayed as if breathing. The installation became surreal and as if underwater with the addition of Tempchin’s ethereal sounds and voice, recorded during their stay. Tempchin was affected by the sound of the wind, which howls and cries “Wuthering Heights” style, around the old hospital, now St Mary’s Art Center.
St Mary’s Art Center looks forward to the return of both Lillegard and Tempchin to work on their next collaborative or individual projects!

At the Edge of the Wood by Sarah Lillegard and Ben Tempchin (click on title to view)
Video by Omar Alan Pierce






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