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Kaleigh was born and raised in Nevada where she has returned to live after

many years in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California. She is an artist, teacher, personal counselor, lifelong meditator, and spiritual seeker.


She works primarily in watercolor, pastel, ink, and acrylic.  Her work is filled with light, vivid color, and finely rendered detail.  Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the physical world, her work reflects time spent in Italy, Ireland, and France, as well as, the mountains, valleys, and deserts of the West.  Painting subjects include landscape, still life, botanical, and abstract.


In addition to fine art paintings, Kaleigh has illustrated over twenty-five books for both children and adults and creates advertising illustrations and graphic designs.


Kaleigh Surber

An explanation the of the term “radiant” that I am now using to describe my new exploration of the circle as an art form and of its psychological importance to the human psyche.

The noun “radiant” is a term used in the science of optics. It describes the point or object from which light proceeds. Much of the art featured here is based on light, color, and design and the expansion of these elements into visual manifestation. A radiant is a modern interpretation of a universal archetype of our natural world and of the universe as a whole. All things begin with a point of origin and expand outward as they grow. This phenomenon is symbolized by the circle and so, has been an integral part of all human cultures. In early times mankind was surrounded by circles – the horizon line between earth and sky, the full moon, the fire around which they gathered for safety and fellowship. The circle was echoed in their developing cultures in myriad ways – the structure of their dwellings, the hierarchy of religion, the expression of their art. The circle is seen in temple construction, mandalas, labyrinths, and countless other structures. The circle is universal and resonates at the deepest level in all mankind.

Modern science has revealed much of the structure of the universe hidden from our ancestors. They could see in nature the many physical manifestations of the circles that surrounded them. Modern scientists have opened hidden circles. The ideas that the cosmos is expanding outward from some point of origin; that the human body begins with a single cell, expanding outward into an organism akin to a five-pointed star; that even the atomic structure of creation consists of electrons circling central nuclei, give substance to the universal nature of the circle.

The significance of the circle in the human psyche is reflected in the radiants presented here. The number of radii present in each radiant, the colors used, the symbols and designs in each radiant represent qualities and states of consciousness and understanding that surpass human speech. They communicate on an almost cellular level from the artist to the viewer. Many have interpretations included with them to reinforce their individual themes, but the unspoken messages that the viewer receives on deeper levels is the most significant communication.

Sit quietly with each radiant. Gaze into its center, its point of origin. Feel what it has to communicate to you at this moment in time.