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Bringing Passionate, Creative & Giving People Together to Support Arts & Culture

Navy Zappers CSADD Program 2016

Navy Zappers CSADD Program Volunteers

Are you interesting in supporting the arts and history by donating your time, skills and passions?  St. Mary’s Art Center has a variety of ways for volunteers to join our team and support our mission and commitment to the arts.

  • Art Internship & Program Support
  • Docent Building, Art & History Tours
  • Support of Community Art Classes
  • Arts & Music
  • Community Events Support
  • Historical Research
  • Administrative Support
  • Technical Skills
  • Building & Grounds Maintenance

Why Volunteer at St. Mary’s Art Center?

  • Our organization is a vibrant 501c3 non-profit and a cornerstone of Virginia City in a truly unique historical landmark location
  • We have a passionate mission to support artists, the arts, history and Comstock community
  • Through a wide range of programs, we engage artists, art supporters, history lovers and those wishing to connect with the community
  • Our programs continue to evolve and expand, offering new and challenging ways for our volunteers to share their skills and passions
  • Volunteers are a critical part of our team and may feel confident they are contributing in a meaningful and critical way

We are a fun, creative and dynamic group of people from many walks of life and experiences that can make a difference and continue our legacy.

Our volunteers bring many different skills, trades, experiences and perspectives to our programs and building. The majority of our volunteers and contributors have been with our organization for years, a testimony to their dedication and love of St. Mary’s Art Center. We also welcome individuals and groups who wish to share their time on a per project basis.

Who We are:

Our property has a long and deep Comstock history beginning in General Van Bokkelen’s Days and the Comstock Lode. St. Mary’s Art Center’s buildings originally operated as St. Mary Louise Hospital, built in 1875 and operated by the Daughters of Charity.

Our amazing property is part of the Historic Landmark District and the cornerstone of the vibrant Comstock community. In 1964, St. Mary’s Art Center was born. For decades, we have focused on artists, art programs, community and preservation of this historic building and legacy.

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization truly dedicated to supporting the arts, preserving our history and engaging our community.

  • Art Galleries & Exhibitions
  • Art Receptions & Events
  • Historical Tours & Exhibition
  • Professional Art Workshops & Retreats
  • “Imaginations” Children’s Art Program
  • Community Art Classes & Retreats
  • Artists in Residence
  • Open Studio Tuesdays
  • Historical Preservation
  • Collaborations with other Organizations
  • Engaging Community Events