St. Mary's Art Center | St. Mary's Art Center
St. Mary's Art Center is a unique historical landmark in Virginia City, Nevada property offering artists and visitors access to beautiful galleries, exhibitions, workshops, retreats and events
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St. Mary's Art Center / Check out our news and all the great things happening here in Virginia City.

St. Mary’s in the News: Virginia City Celebrates Art at St. Mary’s Art & Retreat Center – The Guardian Express

27 05

We are delighted to be featured in The Guardian Express. ” … the galleries were ornamented with incredible pieces; guests were thrilled with the artwork and the artists. One guest stated, “This is by far the best art show I have been to in…

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Navajo weaving workshop

14 05

Thursday to Sunday was Navajo weaving time at St Mary’s… Led by Marylin Elligot, many looms were set up in the upstairs studio with beautiful Virginia City natural light and views across the sugarloaf… and so the weavers set to work. Baskets of the most…

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Plein-air painting workshop weekend

05 05

This weekends workshop looked so fun  …. Erik Holland and Monika Piper-Johnson conducted a Plein-Air painting workshop together this weekend …dodging thunderstorms on Sunday but fabulous weather conditions on Saturday, they painted outdoors and students made great advances in technique over the weekend. Time for…

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Mandala workshop

26 03

Last weekend at St Mary’s Art Center a group got together to learn and create their very own Mandalas… “Mandalas represent the universe with its atoms revolving around a nucleus. Kaleigh Surber an award winning artist, teacher and personal counselor is teaching the techniques and…

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