St. Mary's Art Center | Testimonials


“There’s something special in the air at St. Mary’s. I’ve never been more productive. In the 3 weeks I spent there I’ve finished the last 4 chapters of my novel and had the added bonus of writing 26 poems about Virginia City. The view from the front porch (staring out is after all part of a writer’s job description) is magnificent. You look up to Virginia City or, if you’re lucky, at a band of wild horses that have suddenly appeared to graze at the lawn.”
– Milla Van Der Have – Writer in Residence, August 2014, Utrecht, Holland

My time as an artist at St Mary’s has been brilliant.
I have had an amazing time in a unique landscape and met some very switched on people. I’ve been inspired for an exhibition to be executed later in the year, based on my experiences in Nevada. Frances and her team have created a really special environment at St Mary’s. I’m so grateful for the experience, and I look forward to coming back!
-Heather Hayward – Artist in Residence, July 2014, Wellington, NZ

As an artist in residence at St. Mary’s for the months of May and June, 2014, I learned that fog and lilacs are abundant, as are the time and space for making work. St. Mary’s is a peaceful place with a spirit of productivity, and this juxtaposition makes for an excellent residency.
Michelle Lassaline – Artist in Residence – watercolor painter, performance artist – May-June 2014 Nevada, USA

Staying at St. Mary’s Art & Retreat Center was a combination of having the secluded space to write to my heart’s content while also being inspired by the flow of artists coming through the house who work in a variety of media. During my month-long residency, I was able to produce three new chapters of my memoir while also revising the rest of the manuscript. I am hoping to return next year to put the finishing touches on my book.
Optimism One – Writer in Residence, May-June 2014 California, USA

Thank you for the opportunity to work at St. Mary’s Art Center. To have those days tucked happily inside sunlit rooms with the quiet history of the silver rush engrained within the walls allowed me to complete more work than I could have done anywhere else.
– Meghan Robins – Writer in Residence, May 2014, California, USA

St. Mary’s is perfectly peaceful retreat to get some real work done. Relaxing on the “Grand Veranda” at sunset can’t be beat!
– Barbara Holmes – Artist in Residence, May 2013, California, USA

This is an incredible place! Perfect for groups. We will spread the word!
-Mary Louise

The opportunity to work in such a beautiful building and setting was incredible and ultra productive. I feel like I made great strides and was able to connect with the material in a deep way. I am looking forward to coming back.
– Valerie Bischoff – Film-maker – Artist in Residence February 2014, NYC, USA

The Artist in residence post over July 2013 allowed my practice to expand into new directions. The centre embodies a strange existence and narrative which has fed into a new body of work, with a new way of making.
As the centre is housed within a mighty mountainous environment it allows myself as a city based artist to expand my thinking into a wider landscape matching that of the space.
– Stewart Easton – Artist in Residence, July 2013, London, UK


The location of the Center is wonderful, a truly inspirational place to soak up the history and the landscape.
The hospitality of the people in the local area and interest in our activities at the Center was fantastic. We were made to feel very welcome.
Claire Scully – Artist in Residence, July 2013, London, UK

“We had a marvelous time! I can’t think of anything that is needed to make a more perfect weekend. It gets better and better each year!”
— Kristen

“A big thank you to everyone involved with the restoration of this National Historic Landmark. It is truly marvelous! I’ve enjoyed the most restorative and delightful weekend of creative work along with meeting new artists with incredible talent. I have not wished for a single thing during my stay; you’ve thought of everything. Thank you!”
— Cynthia

“I loved my stay! Everything a girl needs! The temperature in the rooms was perfect; the heaters worked well. Everything is so clean and the rooms are decorated so charmingly (artwork quilts, etc.). It’s so convenient to have a dishwasher and microwave and all the necessities of home.”
— Gloria

“This has been a wonderful weekend! This is an amazing place to stay with all the remarkable history.”
— Kelli