St. Mary's Art and Retreat Center | ABOUT US

ABOUT US / St Marys is a thriving Art Center located in Virginia City, 30 Minutes from Reno and Lake Tahoe.

To build upon our art and cultural achievement by nurturing and supporting artists, strengthening existing cultural programs throughout the region and introducing new ventures that will enable us to emerge as a vibrant arts destination with strong links to our unique history.

St. Mary’s Art Center is a place where creativity can be explored in an atmosphere of quiet beauty. We believe creativity often emerges through the group – individuals coming together through collaboration and connection; synthesizing a solution greater than the minds and sum of its parts. Dedicated to artists in the 1960s by Father Meinecke, St Mary’s survived the wrecking ball threat and became an icon to the Arts in the Nevadan community.

St. Mary’s Art Center is also available for artistic workshop and retreat rentals, writer’s workshops, craft groups, yoga and martial arts, meditation and more.

Virginia City is a wonderful and unique town, permeated with tangible history. Stay in our beautiful building and town, regroup and reconnect with yourself and others surrounded by expansive views, blue skies, clean air and the incredible light of the high desert at 6200 feet elevation.  Experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and see the stars.

We look forward to your visit.

Coming Soon: Historical Exhibit sharing the amazing and diverse history of our property from the General Van Bokkelen era, St. Marie Louise Hospital, Storey County Hospital, the dormant era through the establishment of the Art Center we know and love today. Do you have historical photos or artifacts from the property you are willing to donate and that we should consider? We would love to hear from you! 775.847.7774 or email us at

Photo: Nolan Preece