St. Mary's Art Center | How the February shows opened….

How the February shows opened….

How the February shows opened….

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With 50-80 mile an hour winds we had some couple of hundred brave folk who came to our opening in quite extreme conditions…. it was definitely worth it! French pastry chefs had whipped up treats, lovely Italian wines were sipped and 6 galleries packed with new artwork to look at, made for a great afternoon.

The ethereal performance of our Resident Artists Ben Tempchin, Santa Fe based musician, along with the installation by Sarah Lillegard was beautiful, intriguing, thought provoking and took you to another world…. almost an underwater world…
Our Resident artist, award winning film-maker Valerie Bischoff is going great guns with her 360 degree installation of her ever growing storyboard for her feature film, “Massacre Creek.” Her film will be set high in the mountains above Pyramid Lake. Valerie has trained at film school in New York for the past 5 years, making shorts based in her home State of Nevada. “Derby Kings” was her most recent piece.
1617706_10152584389511521_1661410715_o copyIMG_4470


Scott Hinton installed a beautiful series of 360 degree panoramic photographs that he has stitched together from his adventures in the Nevada “outback” wilderness. The photographs have a magical quality of light that he captures, they really give you the full geographic impression of space and the magnitude of Nevada.


panoramic photograph by Kevin Karl (Hinton discussing his work with visitors to the Center)

In our newly established Van Bokkelen gallery on the ground floor, we are showing the work of Carol Aust.
Aust is a figurative painter from the Bay area and her wonderful images capture pieces of her life…events painted in a narrative way.
birthday-invitation_24x45 FB copy

desert-two-step_24x36 copy

On the Second floor we have the work of photographer and printmaker, Nolan Preece. His works are something to delve into the fine detail and unusual abstractions set your imagination alight. Preece soots glass plates with a flame then adds chemistry, and the reaction on the plate is what causes an image or an abstract negative. he then prints from the glass plate or scans it and then prints. The results have kept viewers engaged for long periods of time as they float into his strange almost macro worlds.

In our Nevada Art gallery we have a new show by the “Dusty Roads” artists, an eclectic and ever evolving group of artists practicing in Nevada. Karen Kreyeski produced some outstanding works, as always.


and Mike Bond became intrigued by the Puppets stored at St Mary’s Art Center. The puppets are the work of Larry Tanner who held puppet shows and performed for children all over Nevada and often at St Mary’s Art Center. We are displaying some of them along with Mike Bonds paintings of them until April when the puppets will return to Larry to be given to his grandchildren.






18 Feb 2014