Dusty Roads Retreat … a group of artists based in Nevada

detail of painting above by Mike Bond

Twice a year this group of artists meet at St Mary’s to retreat, commune and work on projects with like minded folk around. They created very diverse works and learned and taught much…

The group was founded by Mimi Patrick and Linda Nazemian about 15 years ago …originally for rural and out of town artists to come together and establish bonds and ties and show their work at St Mary’s Art Center. The group has evolved into a friendly group of Artists in Nevada who are involved in many different creative disciplines. The get together is always fun and this season was especially fun as we welcomed some younger artists in to the group. What was exceptional this time was seeing different artists branching out and actually testing out new approaches and new ways of working with their mediums…

Over the course of the year some of these artists will be holding workshops at St Mary’s, teaching their specialty field… coming up we have drypoint etching, abstract painting, plein air painting, steam punk creations, and perhaps if we are really lucky some pochoir workshops…!

The group is currently holding a group show in the Art Nevada gallery on the third floor… you are welcome to come and visit and enjoy this and all the other shows, which will be up until February 2014.

Emma Auriemma McKay

Carole-Ann Ricketts

Carole-Ann Ricketts

Emma Auriemma McKay

Karen Kreyeski

Erik Holland

Frances Melhop

Carole-Ann Ricketts

Erik Holland

VirginiaCityCompressed copy
Susan Watson

Nate Clark

Michelle Lassaline

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