We are so proud of our Nolan Preece!

Nolan is a great supporter of St Mary’s Art Center, an acclaimed photographer and he has just been confirmed for a show at the Nevada Museum of Art !!! His work will be showing there April 5 to July 20th next year. Nolan’s show will be titled “CHEMIGRAMS” and will be hung in the Altered Landscapes Gallery. Nolan will also be conducting one of their wonderful Art Bite lectures!

Next month Nolan Preece will be holding one of his incredible Chemigram workshops October 2-6th. In this workshop he generously shares all the many thousands of details and processes he has discovered and developed using chemistry, light, photographic processes and all sorts of unusual methods to create wonderous images. There are still a few places left and it is guaranteed fun and conceptually liberating. 5 days of focussed exploration, development and play where you can push yourself out of your boundaries and find new ways to express yourself using CHEMIGRAMS. (often called “Nolangrams” in Nevada)

Nolan also has a show of different work which is coming up at St Mary’s in November this year … titled GLASS PRINTS : NOLAN PREECE

The glass print is an unusual process Nolan has been researching and developing for 20 years. The process involves smoking or sooting glass plates, chemistry and photographic darkroom procedure. The results are amazingly organic highly detailed abstract works.
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Last year Nolan published a book recording many of the famous and notorious photographic darkrooms of Nevada and the West Coast, we are pleased to be one of the stable. His book has beautiful photographs of the darkrooms and historys of the photographers who did their magic in them.
“In From the Light: A Selection of Photographic Darkrooms of the Western U.S.”
more about Nolan:


A photographer for over forty years, Nolan Preece has devoted his work to understanding and mastering the challenging techniques of early photography but also conceiving of new processes such as the chemogram (1980) and an experimental process he originated in the late nineteen-seventies using cliche-verre. His portfolios include platinum, silver gelatin, cibachrome and digital prints. His distinctive work is in many collections including the Nevada Museum of Art, the Norra Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, UT and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City.


* Alternate Photo Processes – Salted paper print, gum print, cyanotype, Van Dyke brown print, platinum & palladium, bromoil, carbon print, photogravure

* Silver Gelatin Processes – Sabattier Effect (MFA thesis), photogram, chemigram, tone line breakdown, reticulation, toning, hand tinting, infrared, cliche-verre, zone system

* Color Photo Processes – E-6, C-41, RA, R-4 reversal process, Vericolor, Cibachrome

* Digital Photography – Digital Media – Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 – includes: layers, masks, color balancing, retouching; Canon 5D Mark II digital camera; Epson 4990 scanner; Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED; Apple Macintosh G5 computer, 3800, 4800 Epson printers, enlarged digital negatives for contact printing, color digital printing, experimental digital photography, digital media for intaglio chine colle

*Printmaking – Intaglio – line engraving, etching, chine colle

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