ART WINE AND FRIENDS…. 13th September 2013

Our Opening last night had a great turn out …even with the dramatic storm that passed through ….
Kathy D’Onofrio, in the Edge Gallery surrounded by her somewhat spooky and amusing “Alien Circus,” spoke of her eccentric and unusual works that have been appearing on the Playa at Burning Man for several years in growing numbers.

Kaleigh Surber’s Radiant Mandalas provoked much conversation and thought …the pieces are mesmerizing and absolutely demand attention and meditation.

Architect and Oil Painter Emma Auriemma also spoke about her beautiful Plein Air works.

While Dianne Phelps enjoyed alot of attention for her magical Landscape photography, (and her story of her dilemma yesterday on the way to the show… a rattlesnake on the porch …always a bonus when you are running out of the house for your own exhibition opening)

Emerging Artist Adrianne Goff received alot of interest in her unusual paintings in the Incubator Gallery.

If you couldn’t make it to our Opening, the shows will all be viewable until 27th of October (which will be the final visiting day) …please do check the opening hours for St Mary’s (home page of our site) and come and visit us and enjoy the artist visions and works for this season.!!!

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